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We have found articles to help you do the most with your money.

Smart spending is not just about finding the lowest prices.  It takes a good plan, persistence, and smarts.

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity[/tweetthis]

The Top Of The List

9 Smart Spending and Saving Tips | SUCCESS – Prioritizing goals, a solid plan along with these top tips will help you plan for the future.

7 Ways To Spend Smarter | Forbes – We are not the only ones who think that buying quality is the way to go. Value is more important that price.

How to avoid homebuyer’s remorse – Oct. 23, 2014 | CNN – It pays to do your research before you make that big purchase, especially for a home. CNN reports that 80% of homeowner’s have regrets.

5 Smart Spending Strategies for a Tough Economy | My Money | US News – Buying new is always more expensive and many times avoidable. Search for high quality used items and save big.

8 millennials describe their creative smart spending strategies | Mashable – Millenials get creative with their smart spending strategies. Don’t forget the fine art of negotiation. It’s your allies in a tough economy.

Must Reads

7 Quick Ways to Create Better Spending Habits | Every Dollar – Planning ahead before you get to the store really pays off. Studies show shopping with your phone when you get there will cost you.

Smart Spending Tips: 5 Things We Spend Too Much Money On | National Debt Relief – These 5 items are eating into your budget.

Save Money with Health Care Flexible Spending Account |Moolanomy – Use these flexible savings accounts tips to make the most of your plan.

Smart Spending Tips for Young Adults | Kiplinger – These 5 tips can make a big difference in your spending.

4 Smart Money Habits to Help You Earn Your First Million Dollars | Entrepreneur– Wealth does not happen overnight. Use these tips for your financial success.

The 7 Keys To Developing Smart Spending Habits | Coupon Chief – You already know about no spending vacations – start a no credit card spending habit.

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