Living Frugally Doesn’t Have to Destroy Your Lifestyle

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Frugality is a term with mixed meaning. Some people see it as an asset, a way of improving their personal financial situation. Others, however, view it negatively.

They think of a penny-pinching miser clutching the last box of cereal on the shelf while his or her cart is filled with the same product. To these people, double couponing, stockpiling, and cutting back on spur-of-the-moment purchases don’t seem worth the hassle. After all, they’ve worked hard for their money and want to have an opportunity to spend it.

If the latter sounds more like you, we get it. You don’t want to cut back so far that it impacts your lifestyle negatively. We don’t either.

Below, you will find ways to live frugally without a major sacrifice. This allows you to enjoy all the things you’re accustomed to doing, eating, seeing, and experiencing without it costing you all the funds in your bank account.

Buy in Bulk

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There are items that your household uses regularly. Purchasing these items in bulk allows you to get the most bang for the proverbial buck. It also forces you to be very organized which is an essential trait of any frugal person.

Buy ingredients in bulk once, then store them in clear mason jars so that everything is organized and ready to use when you need it. This makes cooking at home efficient. You’re able to see what’s inside the jars and know exactly when to refill them with additional products.

Cook in Large Batches

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Cooking at home is less expensive, but this does not have to be a hassle. To make things easier for yourself, cook food in large batches, separate into individual servings, then freeze what’s leftover. Whenever you want a hot meal, pull from your freezer, put it in the oven or microwave it.

This living frugally tip ensures that all the fresh produce that you buy gets eaten before it expires. It saves you time and money, too, because you don’t have to cook a meal from scratch every single day of the year. You can do this with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals as well as desserts and snacks, too.

Live Out of the Freezer

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Learn to live out of the freezer. Pick foods that store well like meats and vegetables. When you find a good sale, take advantage, and stock up. Then reap the rewards long-term.

To save yourself even more money, find coupons and match them to the sales flyers you have available locally. If a store is offering a bargain on something you know you’ll eat a lot of, take advantage of those rock bottom prices by using a coupon to reduce the discounted price. You’re able to pick up food for pennies on the dollar this way in most areas of the country.

Compost Your Garbage

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Turn all your kitchen scraps into free fertilizer with composting worms.  Use the castings to grow your own food in a backyard garden.

This takes almost no time at all. It reduces waste and helps you grow your own food. Even the smallest vegetable garden yields a lot of produce that you and your family can eat.

If you’re really ambitious and have a green thumb, replace the grass in your front and backyard with raised plant beds, fruit bushes, culinary herbs, and medicinal herbs. Dry, can, and preserve your bounty so it can be used year-round. You’ll make fewer trips to the supermarket, have better quality foods to eat, and reduce your grocery bill immensely by doing this.  Check out this low cost Shoestring Gardening ebook to get started the frugal way.

Clean Like a Professional

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Cut down on the vast array of cleaners and stick to only the best. Oxyclean works on almost everything. It’s non-toxic, won’t fade clothes, and cleans like magic. This one product can replace a large majority of the cleaners out there like for the toilet, stain fighters, and more.

Also, the product is available as a generic brand, too, so you can save even more money. If you’re more of a natural type of person, a bottle of vinegar and box of baking soda works magic on nearly every surface imaginable. Do some research on the internet for all-natural recipes that clean and disinfect without the use of harsh chemicals.

Skip the Fancy Labels

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Plain soap is all we need to keep clean. It’s safe and effective.

Use simple soaps. Antibacterial soaps are of little benefit. We’ve survived for centuries on plain old soap because it is cheap and effective.

You don’t need to pay for fancy packaging. All the extra money spent on products is used for advertising purposes. Find the cheapest variety you can find or make your own soap easily at home.

Shop Online for Better Savings

Don’t buy everything from local stores. Shop online then have delivered to your house. Not only will you get the best prices, but it reduces the time needed to shop.

Get an Amazon Prime Discounted subscription and save hundreds each year on shipping fees. This is one of the few subscriptions that pays for itself. Not only are you able to request two-day free shipping, you also have access to free books, music, and movies, too.

Buy Items Second Hand

Buy quality clothes second hand. Take your time and shop around, then buy clothes so good that no one knows they came from the thrift shop.

Or, host a clothing swap with family and friends. Ask everyone to bring a bag full of things they no longer wear and then sit in a circle while allowing everyone to peruse what is available. You get new duds as well as a fun evening with the people you care about without it costing you a dime.

Living frugally doesn’t have to destroy your lifestyle. In fact, it complements it and enhances it. You’ll be able to enjoy so much more without earning additional money.

You and your family has access to funds for things that benefit your entire household such as a new vehicle, longer family vacations, and even new appliances should the need arise. You won’t be stuck living paycheck to paycheck like many people because you’ve learned to live below your means when it counts. That’s what we call being a savvy saver.

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