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Speed Tools

  • Copy and paste SiteGround’s image compressing code into your htaccess
  • Enable Cloudflare (content delivery network)
    • Cache multiple copies on different servers
    • Choose from 3 common security levels or enable “I’m under attack mode”
    • Auto minify CSS, Java Script, and HTML to improve page loading speed
    • Enable Railgun to improve speed between Cloudfare and your server
  • Install SiteGrounds SuperCacher plugin
    • Static cache
    • Dynamic cache
    • Memcache to speed up database calls and reduces the number of times the database needs to be accessed
    • HHVM


Page Loading Speed





Solve problems faster

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Add layers of protection

Force SSL encryption with a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt

Scan all files with Site Security Checker




Protected From Hacks

Protected From Neighbors

Peace of Mind

Automatic Site Backups

As a website owner, you have other things to worry about.  SiteGround keeps your core files backed up.

  • Daily backups
  • 30 day retention
  • One click restore
  • No plugin or addon needed

Auto WordPress Updates

No need to spend time updating WordPress.  This is taken care of automatically.  Keeping WordPress up to date helps your site stay secure.

To reduce the risk, SiteGround automatically creates a backup of the old version.  This is critical in the event you need to revert to the previous version. 


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