Vacuum Seal Mason Jars

side view of jar vacuum attachment

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Avoid Running Costs With Vacuum Sealers

You probably already own a vacuum sealer that uses plastic bags. You probably also have some mason jars lying around the house. Instead of buying more expensive plastic vacuum seal bags, vacuum seal your mason jars instead.

All you need is right adapter.

Why Do This?

A great technique for penny pinching is to avoid consumables as much as possible. Consumables include all those things that need to repeatedly purchased on a regular basis. Plastic bags fall into this category.

Vacuum sealing is a great way to extend the storage life of food. However, plastic sealing bags are not exactly cheap.

There is an jar seal adapter that’s sold that fits on top of the standard mason jar lid. It has just enough clearance to fit over the lid and provide a tight air seal.

An air hose connects from the jar seal adapter to your vacuum sealer’s auxiliary port. This means you don’t have to buy anything else other than the adapter.

In just a few seconds you can vacuum seal a mason jar in one of the healthiest materials that there is.


Use Glass For Health, Flavor, And Convenience

side view of staples stored in glass jars
Glass jars are highly versatile storage containers.

Glass is an exceptional and durable material that is toxin and BPA free.

Storing in mason jars also has the advantage of convenience. For long-term storage you can simply place the jars back in the original cardboard container. Just try that with plastic bags.

Using glass is also friendly on the environment. It’s easily recyclable and can last for decades.

It never imparts a flavor to anything it touches nor leeches any chemicals into your food. This is not case with plastic especially when it’s heated. Also keep in mind that some plastics are not recyclable.

From a cost savings perspective it is only necessary to buy the jars once instead of tossing them like plastic bags. Additionally, the only consumable item is the lid.

Where to Buy The Jar Seal Adapter

You can buy jar seal adapters at specialty shops or at Amazon. 

How to Use The Jar Sealer With Your Standard Vacuum Sealer

Place your food item in the mason jar filled to whatever level you want. It just doesn’t matter as long as there’s a gap from the lid. Make sure the lid is clean before placing a standard canning lid on top.

Connect the adapter with the hose provided to the canister sealer port on your vacuum sealer. Lock down the vacuum sealer as if you were about to seal something.

Next select the canister sealing option and turn on the sealer. The unit will begin to suck out the air from the mason jar. Most commercial sealers have an automatic stop function that shuts off the machine when complete.

When sealed, remove the adapter by first releasing the pressure in the airline. The pressure is released by unlocking the vacuum sealer. This will allow the pressures to equalize and the enable easy removal of the adapter. Don’t just yank the adapter because it might break the seal. Instead carefully pry up the jar adapter to avoid grabbing the lip of the metal lid.

Test to make sure the jar is sealed by applying some upward pressure on the rim. The lid should be solid and we’ll remain there until you’re ready to open it.

I have had really good luck with this method but some lids have come loose. If the seal is going to fail it will do so right away. So check the lids after a few hours to make sure that they’re all secure. If any lids come loose, look for the cause of the problem. You may need to clean the rim of the jar, or replace the lid itself.

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