Best Money Saving And Personal Finance Apps

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In this post I have assembled over 30 apps that will help you improve your budgeting, track money, and get out of debt faster.  The best money saving apps and services were found by some of the top influential personal finance bloggers in the industry.

Best Financial Apps & Services | Budgets Are Sexy

J. Money award winning personal financial blogger, founder of Budgets Are Sexy, Rockstar Finance, Rockstar Directory, Rockstar Money Forums, Rockstar Community Fund, and Coin Thrill.

What’s up, money nerds! I figured it was about time I created a page with all the products & services I love and use on a daily basis in hopes that it helps y’all out.

J. Money share’s his top financial apps, services, and books. He uses these himself and knows which companies to trust.

The 12 resources he talks about will help you get the best prices, most useful coupons, and make automating investing a snap.

Best Budgeting Apps and Personal Finance Tools | NerdWallet

Arielle O’Shea is a writer for NerdWallet. She covers topics about money and personal finance. She also writes for Forbes, Mashable, The Los Angeles Times, and many more top sites.

Whether you need something that actually pays your bills for you or simply lets you know when your bank account is running dry, the solution is on this list.

Arielle found 6 helpful money saving tools.

You will find apps that track bills, evaluate investments, and simplify budgeting.

Five best money finance apps to track your spending, save money, and pay your friends – The Verge

Casey Newton is the Silicon Valley Editor for The Verge, a technology and news media company

Go fund yourself

Casey found 5 apps that work in the background to automate savings for you.

You can build up a slush or emergency fund without stress by socking away small change into a savings account.

Split the bills at restaurants with your friends without making a big deal out of it.

They also found an app that not only saves for you, it helps you set concrete savings goals so you stay focused on the final objective.

5 Super Savings Tools to Help You Save Money in 2017 | Club Thrifty

Greg Johnson, author and co founder of Club Thrifty. Greg and his wife paid of $50,000 in debts

Want to save money this year? Of course you do! Here are my favorite savings tools and money apps to help you save more money.

Greg found a service that will pay your credit card bills for you at the end of the week. It transfers money from your account automatically so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Have you ever wanted to save automatically but didn’t know how much to transfer to savings?

Well then let Digit help you out. This app analyzes your financial situation, then transfers the right amount to savings automatically. It does not get much easier than this.

7 Apps That Help Save You Money | My Money | US News

Trent Hamm is the founder of The Simple Dollar. He is a contributor for US News, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

From your grocery to gas bill, these apps will keep you in budget with just a few taps.

If you are not comfortable entering your account information into an app, then check out a budgeting and tracking tool found by US News.

Your data stays private and it can be synced between a desktop and mobile.

They also discovered a recipe and meal planning app that downloads recipes from websites and adds the ingredients to your grocery list. This saves time and makes meal planning easier.

The 10 Best Tools to Help You Save Money |

Jane Hurst is a Writer, editor and avid traveler from San Francisco, CA. She’s a blogger featured on

There are some great apps out there that will help you to learn how to effectively save money so you aren’t always digging for spare change between the sofa cushions on the day before payday.

In this post, Jane from shows you how to become debt free in 60 months. This service consolidates your payments so that you only pay a professional one payment per month. After 60 months, you are debt free.

The 8 Best Tools to Help You Save Money (Even If You Don’t Make Much) | Greatest

Erin Kelly is a writer for Greatist.

The Best (Free!) Tools to Grow Your Savings

Erin found the best 8 free tools for 20 somethings to grow your savings.

Track investments and savings accounts while seamlessly monitoring your spending habits.


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