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The time has come to replace my old Mr. Clean Roller Mop  I bought the Mr. Clean mop since it was easy to wring out.  It lasted a while but it is not as durable as a rope mop.  That’s why I bought the Libman Tornado Mop.  This mop can take tough scrubbing without falling apart and I never have to touch the mop to wring it out.




The mop has a built in wringing system that click locks as you twist.  This is a great feature because it allows time for the excess water to wring out of the mop without you having to manually hold it.  You can get the mop as dry as you need quickly and easily so that you don’t have a wet mess on the floor.

The click lock wringing system really wrings the mop tight. You can get this as wet or dry as you need for your floor.

The mop is made with heavy duty rope yarn – your basic old fashioned tough mop.  I’ve used these type of mops extensively in commercial use and they work great, but best with a proprietary mop bucket that wrings the mop for you.  These buckets are not by any means cheap commercially, but they are worth it for large jobs.  For the homeowner, they are overkill so a simple mop like the Tornado is a good choice.

Use any old bucket you have, even a $3 Home Depot bucket would work fine if you don’t mind the color orange.

Mop Clean Up

As any mop would get with use, mine became heavily soiled in just a few minutes of scrubbing the kitchen floor.  It receives heavy foot traffic (2 and 4 legs) and needs to be maintained daily.  To clean it up quickly, I used a few tablespoons of Oxyclean and soaked it in hot water for about 10 minutes.  It came out almost new after just a few minutes.  No scrubbing on my part.

detail showing oxyclean removing mop stains
After just 10 minutes soaked in Oxyclean, the dirt is now in the water, not on the mop.


What We Liked About It

What We Didn't Like About it

Mop In Use

One thing I noticed about the mop was that you had to sort of shake it a bit after wringing in order to get the mop fibers more or less aligned.  It’s not a big deal, but was slightly more work than an old fashioned rope mop.  I got used to it after a while and stopped thinking about it.

The mop held up well with my dried ketchup test.  This had turned to some sort of organic glue after it dried in a smeared mess on the floor. When I used the Mr. Clean mop in the past, the mop quickly disintegrated under heavy scrubbing.  That required more frequent mop refill changes and drove up the total cost of ownership.

closeup Mr. Clean roller mop damage
This the Mr. Clean mop and as you can see it cannot hold up to a lot of scrubbing. It quickly fell apart.



Overall Impression

I would rate this mop 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.  There was only one thing I didn’t like about it and would have given it 5 stars had it work exactly like the standard rope mops.  It’s a small thing and does not make that much difference.  I would recommend the mop for household use only and it has now replaced my old tube mop.  There’s no need to buy extra equipment and you will never get your hands wet using the Tornado Mop.

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