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Today we are reviewing the NADAMOO USB wireless barcode scanner.  It has the ability to work with a USB dongle wirelessly or with a standard USB cord. 

A barcode reader is very handy for inventory management, e-commerce sales operations, and for Amazon sellers.  You can quickly scan long barcodes accurately and use them anywhere such as spreadsheets, entry forms or wherever.  A barcode reader acts like any keyboard works and inserts the barcode where you have your mouse.


As of this writing, the NADAMOO USB reader with 328′ of range is about $35 on Amazon.  It has 375 reviews with and average rating of 4 1/2 stars.

Setting Up The Barcode Scanner

There are 22 pages of settings and I will not go over all of these.  I programmed mine with just 2 or 3 options and it works great for my needs.  You need to decide some basic parameters so that the reader works for your purpose.

Wired Or Wirelessly

First things first, decide if you want to use this wirelessly or wired.  Use wired for interacting with an iPad or iPhone with a USB to Lightning cable adapter or directly to your computer.  Use wireless for up to 300′ freedom from your computer.


Collection Mode

You have the option to upload instantly or collect barcode numbers.  Set this option next.  The default is to upload instantly so you don’t need to change anything if that is what you need.

Tab Or Carriage Return

This setting tells the reader to press “Return” after it reads the barcode or to press “Tab”.  If you are using a form for example and want to enter the value in immediately after a single scan, then select “Return”.  If however you want to tab multiple cells in a spreadsheet then select “Tab”.  

They don’t explain this very well, but the small CR means carriage return or “Enter” after the barcode is read

One of the things we didn’t like that much about the reader is the way it’s programmed.  You must have the manual handy to change the options.  This is frustrating because if you lose the manual you are stuck.  In addition, I cannot find the manufacturers website with this information but I did find it on Amazon.  I have downloaded it and here is a copy for your convenience.

Quick Start Guide

If you find the manual confusing and accidentally program it incorrectly, you do have the option to reset to the default settings.  This could come in handy if you get lost from the 22 pages of options.

If you scan this barcode, it will reset to it’s factory defaults.


What's In The Box

  • USB Reader with internal battery
  • Wireless dongle
  • USB cable
  • Instruction book


Using With an iPad or iPhone

When you read the specifications, you will see that they don’t support iPads or iPhones.  That is true, however it’s easy to use the USB Barcode Reader with the right adapter.  All you need is a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.  

Battery LIfe

Personally, I have never drained the battery and it worked perfectly for me.  The specs show a 3 hour charge time, 20 hours of continuous scanning, and a 100 day standby time.

What We Liked About it

What We Didn't Like About It


I have used the NADAMOO Wireless Barcode reader for well over a year and it has worked very well for me.  At only about $35, it’s a real time saver if you are running an e-commerce store or handle a lot of products with barcodes.  It scans most barcodes flawlessly and I’ve never seen it make a mistake.  The manual could be better and it’s a beast at 22 pages long.  Despite this, I think it’s a decent product for the price.

4 thoughts on “Reviews – Nadamoo Wireless Barcode Scanner

  1. This is great but I have a 2013 MacBook Air.
    I would need a wireless that has a continued scanning option on a stand and on that can scan 1 D, 2D and others.

    So many requires the use of 2 USB for them to work on Mac’s for some reason.

    I do not want to buy one only to have to ship it back.

    Any suggestion?

    1. Mine only requires one USB. You set it to wired or wireless mode. For wireless, that still takes only one port. If you are out of slots, then you can get a USB hub and then you won’t run out of ports.

  2. How well does the multiple scanners to one usb dongle functionality work? I’m looking at using a single PC with 4-5 scanners connected wirelessly. I’m curious if the dongle prevents multiple barcodes being scanned at the same time from being jumbled together.


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