Fila Midland Trail Running Shoe Review

fila midland oblique view

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I was shopping at Costco today when this Fila trail running shoe caught my eye.  Coscto had a pallet of them and they were only $19.99.  Being the penny pincher that I am, I decided to give them a closer look and see if they were worth the money.

I have a hard time shopping for shoes because they are generally really expensive and don’t always fit right.  I’ve also had lots of problems with even name branded shoes that simply fall apart. $20 bucks is no deal at all if they are poor quality, but these shoes seem to be well made. 


Basic Features


These are brown toned shoes which is a good thing.  White shoes look awesome when you buy them, but they quickly turn stained within a few days.  I’ve been looking for a black or brown athletic shoe for a while and I think these might just work.

They have little orange accents on the tread and shoe lace holes that matches the Fila logo color.  There is a jet black trim around the shoes just above the sole that also matches the complementary logo color.  I think they are stylish and have done a good job making a simple shoe look great.


The tread is really aggressive and that’s a good thing when hiking or running in the woods.  Mine squeaked a bit on the hardwood floors until I got them broken in.  That didn’t take too long.  These shoes felt good quicker than most that I’ve tried.



The stitching looks good to me and I think they are well made.  They are designed for rugged trail running so they should hold up pretty well under my normal daily use.

The insoles are removable and that’s a requirement for me since I use custom insoles.  Also, Fila does not glue their insoles in so you can slip them right out without and fuss.

There are vents on the top of the shoe to let out heat on those long hikes or runs.  Since I first wrote this post, I’ve walked for countless miles in hot weather and my feet never got too hot.


Overal Impression

My overall summary is that the Fila Midland is a cost effective, well vented, and good traction shoe.  They are pretty comfortable but did pinch a bit when I first tried them on.  After a few hours, they seem to be much better and I believe they will work for me.  Let’s see how they hold up over the next few months.  They seem to run a bit narrower at the toe than some other shoes I’ve tried but it does not seem to be much of a problem.

Update 9-12-19: 5 weeks later, I’m still very happy with them. I have worn them every day and placed a lot of miles on them.  I thought they would pinch on the first day, but that never happened.  Since my foot runs wider at the toe than a lot of other people, I simply loosened the laces in the toe and that seemed to solve that problem in a few minutes.

I recently bought another pair and now this is my primary shoe that I wear everywhere.  They have worked out great and I really like them.

Other Places To Buy

If you can't find these at your local Costco I found this model on Amazon (affiliate).  I also found a Fila At Peak 20 Wide for $29.90 on Amazon.

This model, the Fila At Peake Trail Running Shoe is very similar to the Midland and is a good alternative if you cannot find the exact model I bought.

Here is the Midland on Amazon.  It’s running about $32 and as of 9/12/19 and  there are sizes left from 10 to 13

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