bumGenius VS Mama Koala – Which is better?

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We compare the popular bumGenius Vs the Mama Koala pocket diaper side by side.  We have owned both diapers for well over a year and have washed each of them dozens of times.  Let’s find out how they compare.

When we first bought the bumGenius diapers, we thought they were the greatest things since sliced bread.  They have proved themselves over and over and have been very happy with them.  Midway through diapering, we found a competitor who made a similar diaper and that’s Mama Koala.  Both diapers have almost an identical design but there is one critical difference.

Not Built Exactly The Same Way

So what is the difference?  Well it’s in the waterproofing liner.  The waterproofing material looks the same but it does not feel the same.  Additionally, the liner became sticky over time with the bumGenius.  We did not see this effect with the Mama Koala.  

When I slip the liner into the pocket using a bumGenius, it’s difficult and makes an irritating squeaking sound.  Sort of like fingernails on a chalkboard.  I don’t see this resistance with the Mama Koala.  Even after a year of washing, the Mama Koala works just like it did when we bought it.

Cost Comparison

Side by side, the price difference is dramatic.  I can easily find a deal for a 6 pack of Mama Koala for $39.99 which is under $7 each.  Conversely, it’s hard to get a deal on a bumGenius.  They typically run $19.99 each.  Now as you know, cheaper is not always better but in this case less expensive resulted in a better product.

Features Side By Side


The inserts are a key feature for pocket diapers.  The great thing about them is that they are removable so that you can wash them separately, yet they slip in and stay in place easily.

Side by side, the only difference noticeable between the two is that the bumGenius is about 1/2″ longer than the Mama Koala. They both function just the same.
Inserts are adjustable by snapping them together


Where To Buy

Here is the 6 pack of the Mama Koala on Amazon (affiliate) and is the best deal I can find on the web.  How many you should buy depends on how often you want to wash and how old your baby is.  A newborn can go through 15 to 18 per day in the first few weeks, but an older baby needs far less.  We like to wash every third day so we have about 20 or so at this stage.

Here is the bumGenius Freetime all in one diaper


Since the Mama Koala’s are less expensive, durable, waterproof and perform just as well as the bumGenius, they win hands down for me.  Their waterproof liner is silky smooth even after washing dozens of times, and the liners are very easy to install.

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