How To Find Work As A Content Writer

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Today there’s a huge demand for high quality, original content. Website developers and businesses often don’t have the time or the skills required to produce their own content.

If you love to write but don’t want to start your own blog, consider offering your services on a contract basis. Sites like Text Broker and Upwork allow you to find plenty of side jobs.

Web developers post content that they need on the site’s job boards. You can pick and choose the best gigs that interest you.

Types of work include:

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • White papers
  • In depth reviews
  • Recipes
  • eBooks

The outsourcing companies provide a summary showing what the article needs to cover and the style that it should be written.

In order to do well at something like this you’re going to have to produce good work. Authors are rated based on previous experience with the outsourcing company’s clients. Any plagiarism or rejected work will hurt your reputation.

Outsourcing Companies

Here are some companies where you can earn some extra cash writing content.

Writer Access

Writer access has a process that goes like this.
writer access

  • Application – submit your online application.
  • Online test – they call it hoop jumping but it consists of you taking an exam.
  • Order picking – this is where you can choose potential jobs.
  • Star level – produce good results and get ranked higher.
  • Career advancement – market yourself with webinars and books for free.


Iwriter’s process is simple and you can be up and running fast.


Textbroker requires a writing sample before you can begin. Like a resume, your sample should be well thought out and free from any errors.

Here is the overview of the process:
textbroker overview


Upwork also requires a sample of your work. This is a good thing because it helps you market yourself to potential clients.

How to improve your writing skills

Writing Style

Many times young aspiring writers produce articles that sound like term papers. Their paragraphs are way too long in their sentences are hard to read. The text reads on with a big yawn.

Today the trend is towards short descriptive sentences and paragraphs no more than 3 sentences long.

This makes the article easy to read and scannable.

We’ve found that people rarely sit down and read something from start to finish. They look over the entire document and decide which is the most interesting and relevant thing to read.

You need to write so that each section is separated by descriptive headers that make sense.


Writing is hard enough. Finding your own errors is a challenge, but you don’t have to try and figure out every problem manually.

Fortunately, you can use technology to improve your writing skills.

Sites like grammarly will check for grammar, spelling, syntax, and sentence structure. They take the pain out of writing which give you the freedom to do what you are best at.

screenshot showing an example of the grammarly syntax checker
Use software to speed up the development process and improve the quality of your work

Tips For Writing The Best Content

If you take a job pay close attention to the requirements posted by your client.


The first thing you will have to do is to beat the deadline. Waiting until the last minute or missing the deadline will not make you many friends.

Use The Correct Voice

Web developers will ask you to write in a particular voice.

1st person – address yourself as I, me, my
1st person plural – use words like we and our
2nd person – address the audience as you or your
3rd person – use words like he, she, it, or they

The business that hired you is expecting a specific voice, so review your work carefully before submitting.

Show Passion

It helps to have a genuine interest in what you are writing about. That passion will show and help to engage the audience.

Avoid simply filling the page with words so that you can meet the page length requirement.

This type of thing frustrates business owners who are paying you for interesting articles.

Proof Read Your Work

Jumbled sentences, miss used words and spelling mistakes will cause you to rank lower than careful writers.

Not all spelling mistakes are caught by software, so be careful with your choice of words.

Avoid These Common Errors

A lot vs alot

This error happens alot a lot. Alot is a spelling error for a lot.

Then vs Than

Than is used for comparison such as “I am older than you.”

Then is used as a cause and effect such as “If you don’t work then you won’t have any money.”

Another use is when time is involved such as “We went to the park and then we went to the zoo.” Or “Bread used to cost a nickel back then”.

It’s vs Its

It’s is a short version of it is.

Its is the possessive of it, such as “Look at that mountain and its trees.”

Effect vs Affect

Effect is a noun but affect is a verb.

“The effect of you spending too much is obvious.” Conversely “Over spending affects your bottom line.”

Your vs You’re

You’re is short for you are, whereas your is possessive.

“You’re in for a treat when you put chocolate syrup on top.”

“Your chance of succeeding improves with persistence.”

Explanation points.

Explanation points are obnoxious. They make it look like you are shouting and overly excited. Just don’t use them, anywhere.

Convey your passion and emotion through your words.

Perks For Doing Outstanding Work

Once you’ve got your game face on and start to get ranked higher, there is an added benefit.

The outsourcing companies listed above generally have a team service.

How this works is simple.

When you’ve created such good work that your client is pleased, you might earn yourself a spot on their favorite list.

That’s a good place to be. They can then skip the general order process and instead submit new work to only their top writers. You will get exclusive access to jobs not posted elsewhere.

It really pays to produce your best content.


You can leverage your writing skills to bring in some significant cash today by writing from the comfort of your couch.

Whatever outsourcing company you choose, just be sure to “wow” your clients. They will reward you again and again with repeat business.

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