10 Strategies To Save Hundreds On Kid’s Clothing

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Learn the right way to shop for kid’s clothes so you can save hundreds this year. We’ll show you how to save money now and also for future purchases.

1. Buy Up To One Year Ahead Of Time

There’s one thing we can count on, kids will outgrow their clothing. That’s why buying ahead of time works. The trick is to shop for sales on clothes you don’t necessarily need right now.

Examples include jeans, socks, and shoes in sizes bigger than what fits today. This strategy requires not just planning, but also insights into the current inventory of clothing at home to prevent over buying.

2. Double Down By Buying After Christmas

After Christmas is an opportunity to save big. This is where you can double down on the savings and buy all kinds of clothes at huge discounts. It requires the most planning, but yields the largest benefit if used correctly.

For example, Carter’s toddler jammies are typically about $16. If you buy ahead of time you can find these for $8. 50% off is great but just after Christmas it’s possible to find prices as low as $4. That’s 75% off and a savings of $12 per jammie.

The technique can’t be used all the time, but when it’s possible, the accumulated savings add up quickly.

3. Wait For A Change Of Season Sale

A good time to look for deals is after seasons. Summer is a good example. As winter approaches stores need to get rid of their summer stock. If you can safely estimate sizes for next year, then grab some shorts at a huge discount from their out of season sales. Pick and choose wisely so that you don’t buy something that won’t fit later.

Strategies When You Can’t Buy Ahead Of Time

There are times when advanced purchasing is not enough. Kids destroy or wear out their clothes, which means a trip to the store.

4. Utilize Free Shipping Options

Saving on shipping is a no brainer. We can shop till we drop but wind up saving nothing if shipping is not calculated into the equation. Therefore, use any shipping offers to lock in your savings. There are many online stores that will extend a free shipping deal.

Of course, using Amazon Prime is one of the few subscriptions that pays for itself. It only takes about one purchase a month to cancel out the membership fee. To save even more, sign up below for only $5.99 per month by using one of my links.

5. Take Advantage Of Rewards Cards And Programs

Take for example Carter’s Rewarding Moments plan. For every $100 spent, you earn a $10 reward, so this equates to a 10% reward by just participating in the program. It costs nothing to participate, so use this on items you would buy anyway.


Source: Rewarding Moments | Carter’s

Here are some other examples.
$10 off with every $200 purchase at JC Penney

At the children’s place, take $5 off for every $50 spent with their My Place Rewards program.

Source: My Place Rewards Card | The Children’s Place | $10 Off*

6. Shop The Clearance Racks

Consistently shopping clearance racks works. Sure, there are some things that are just to ugly to buy, but there are also some hidden gems to be found. Half the fun is trying to find the treasures. It’s a bit like panning for gold but those cute outfits are there if you have a little patience.

7. Buy In Volume Without Losing Money On The Same Sized Item

Same shoe, different sizes. One pair for today with the other pair for later.
If you find a huge sale on shoes you need now, it might be tempting to buy two of the same size. As you know, the second item will likely not get used resulting in no savings at all. However, if you buy the next size up then you can pocket the savings without risk.

Many stores encourage buying in volume. It’s not uncommon to find a retailer offering a buy one item and get the second one at 50% off. This would be an ideal opportunity to use this tactic.

8. Swap Clothing With Friends

If you have friends who also have kids, consider swapping clothes. The group does not have to be very large for this to work. We’ve seen this in action where jackets where handed off to 3 or more kids while showing almost no wear and tear at all.

Other items such as high chairs, toys, and cribs can also be re-used several times for free.

9. Yard Sales

Yard sales still work. There’s nothing wrong with buying pre-owned clothing provided it’s in good condition. Watch out for stains, rips, and tears that render them unusable.

10. Craig’s List

Like yard sales, it’s possible to buy bags of clothing for a few dollars that are in great condition. The cost per item can be under $1, which is perfect for growing kids.

We hope that you found these tips useful. Saving money on kid’s clothing is something anyone can do now. Whether you need something today or are willing to plan in advance, simple purchasing strategies work the best.

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