Master Gordon Ramsay’s Essential Cooking Skills

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Just watching someone like Gordon Ramsay is fascinating. Gordon’s skill is so extraordinary he makes everything look easy. It does not matter if you are trying to cut onions without crying or you want to learn how to filet a fish, Gordon demonstrates how to do it correctly.

Learn essential cooking skills from the best to elevate your cooking to the next level.

6 top kitchen tips

    • Dial in pepper mills
    • Peel garlic – even a whole head easily
    • Start recipes with hot enough pans
    • Organize the cooking area to improve efficiency
    • Season eggs properly – know when to do it
    • Cooking meat for incredible results

How to part a chicken

Perform this task with ease.

How to sharpen a knife

Gordon demonstrates the proper way to sharpen a knife. A sharp knife is safer and easier to work with than a dull knife.

How to dice an onion

Reduce crying with this simple trick.

How to filet a fish

Gordon shows how to perfectly filet a fish.

10 more tips

      • Chop herbs
      • Quickly ripen fruit
      • Peel and cut mangos
      • Remove chili from fingers
      • Cook potatoes so they are even throughout
      • Peel kiwi
      • Cut a bell pepper
      • Is a pineapple ripe?
      • Scoring meat for better results
      • Keep food fresh – prevent avocados from turning brown

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