How To Deep Clean Stainless Steel Pans In About a Minute

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Why I Use Brushed Stainless Steel

I only use brushed stainless steel, regular steel, or cast iron cookware. The reason being is that I don’t want to be exposed to any of the chemicals in nonstick pans.  The only issue I have found is that cleaning brushed stainless steel can be a bit of a challenge.  Steel griddles or cast iron pans don’t have this problem.

The pans inevitably build up baked on grease that is quite a challenge to clean.  It’s a bit like glue.

I have tried about every method out there. Forget dish washing soap, you’ll scrub till you feel like you left the gym before it will have much effect. Liquid soap just doesn’t have any grit to aid in cleaning. I also tried cleaners like Comet® with very little success at all. Soaking overnight followed by running in the dishwasher over and over ended in complete failure.

There has to be a better way.

An Effective Solution

Finally what worked was a product called Bar Keepers Friend®

This cleaner works better than anything I’ve ever tried. It cleans quickly but it doesn’t scratch. The pans come out like brand-new in just a few minutes. My wife is the one that told me about it. She insisted it was the only cleaner you’ll ever need for pans. She was right.


Take a look at the heavily stained pan below. This is result of the cooking spray baking onto the side. It sticks on like glue and seems impossible to get off.


The first step to soak the pan with water for a few minutes.  This may not be necessary but I do it anyway for good measure.

Next shake on some Bar Keepers Friend®.

Get something like a green pad and start scrubbing. This sounds like harder work than it really is. The trick is let the cleaner do most of work for you. If it doesn’t come off right away then sprinkle a little more on and work it in with the scrubbing pad. I think you will be surprised how well it works.

When finished, just toss it in the dishwasher or use a little dish washing soap and rinse to remove the cleaner residue.

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