5 Easy Methods to Reduce Your Laundry Bill

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Doing laundry consumes energy and adds to the household budget.  Reduce your laundry bill easily with these simple methods.

Air-Dry Synthetics And Silk

closeup of silk fabric that can be air dried
Silk jammies, shirts, and underwear last longer when air dried.

Air-drying saves money. A typical electrical dryer is an energy hog. Each load uses about 6 kWh of energy. The bigger the load, the more energy it takes. To reduce your electrical costs, air dry as much as possible instead.

Hang to dry all synthetics like fleece jackets, jammies and small blankets. These are prone to static cling anyway. When they tumble dry in drier, static cling is hard to control. Fortunately, this is not an issue when air-dried.

You don’t need a clothesline for small items like fleece jackets. These can be hung up using hangers on a shower curtain or wherever.

Items like this dry quickly and can be used in a couple of hours. The easiest way is to hang them up overnight and forget about it.

Ditch Your Fabric Softer And Use Vinegar Instead.

image showing vinegar in a bottle
Vinegar is not just for cooking. It has a wide variety of applications in the home.

We buy vinegar by the gallon and use it everywhere. It’s toxin free, effective, and it’s cheap. Two gallons at Costco or Sam’s Club cost around three bucks and it lasts a long time.

In addition to being a good cleaner it also makes a great fabric softener. You may think that your clothes will smell like vinegar but the won’t. Any residual odor quickly dissipates. What is left is a clean, neutral smell.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a front or top loader. Just use vinegar in the same amount as you would’ve regular fabric softener.

Vinegar is great for sensitive skin. Many fabric softeners cause itching and make conditions like eczema worse. Vinegar doesn’t have any of these issues and it costs pennies per load.

Use Your Drier Only At Off-Peak Hours

image of an electric washer and dier
The electric dryer is one of the largest energy consuming appliance in the home.

If you’re on any kind of time of use electrical plan, then use this to your advantage. A time of use plan charges different rates for different times of the day. The higher rates are typically in the middle of the day and early evening. The cost of the peak rate can be three or four times those of off-peak rates. Therefore, run your dryer when the rates go down.

Your dryer is one of the biggest consumers of electricity in most homes. By using this method you can save a significant amount of money per year on your electrical costs.

Avoid Small Containers of Detergent

Avoid buying detergent in small sized containers. Buy in bulk instead. There will be an added bonus of reducing your trips to the store.

Skip The Dry Cleaner

closeup of clothes that could be laundered instead of dry cleaned
Dry cleaning bills add up quickly. Many items can be easily laundered at home.

Launder as many delicates as possible at home to reduce your dry cleaning fees.  There are many delicates that are routinely taken to dry cleaning companies needlessly. Yeah that’s a little extra work to do at home but the cost savings are tremendous. Why pay someone several dollars per item when you can do it at home for cents?

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