Nationwide Sources Of Low Cost Compost


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Any penny pincher knows that buying in bulk makes sense. It also makes sense to grow your own fresh food at home to offset food costs. So if you are a home gardener, don’t spend more than you have to on natural soil amendments. We’ve compiled a list of low cost compost that you can buy by the truckload.

Why you should use compost and mulch.

Compost consists of decomposed materials such as leaves, grass, and other vegetation. It increases the amount of available nutrients in the soil plus a slew of other benefits.

Compost help to build humus, which helps to alleviate soil compaction and increases water retention.

Soils high and humus are better able to support microbial life. These beneficial microbes break down organic material into available nutrients ready for the plants to use. They work in harmony in a natural process perfected over eons.

Mulch is also helpful, but it’s not the same as compost. Unlike compost, mulch is not necessarily broken down and can consist of chipped leaves, twigs, bark, or other material. Mulch is a best applied on top of the soil to aid in water retention and weed suppression. It breaks down very slowly over time.


Pacific Region Composting Facilities


Composting Facility Anchorage
Address: 7985 W End Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502
Phone: (907) 248-2402


CalRecycle Facilities Map – This is a comprehensive list of dozens of facilities all over the State of California.


Nature’s Needs Oregon Facility – Recology Organics is located in the Willamette Valley. Pick up locally or use their delivery service.

Southern Oregon Compost– Southern Oregon Compost offers a wide variety of soil amendments and soils ready to go. Prices are very reasonable.


Department of Ecology, State of Washington Organic Materials Management – Use their map to find compost all over the State of Washington.

Mountain Region Composting Facilities

Recycling and Solid Waste | City of Tempe, AZ – free compost is available for Tempe residents.

Recycled Landscape Materials for Garden & Lawn | Tank’s Green Stuff – supplies compost, garden blend, mulch, and potting mixes.

Colorado List of Registered Composters – statewide list of suppliers.


Magic Valley Compost – wide range of beneficial soil amendments.

Gallatin County, MT – West Yellowstone Compost Facility – compost available by the bag or in bulk.

Home – Rocky Mountain Compost – located in the Billings area. Supplier of compost, mulch, amended topsoil and other landscaping products.


Full Circle Soils & Compost – supplier of compost, soil blends and mulch.

New Mexico

Soilutions – offers both compost and vermicompost.

Compost: | South Utah Valley Solid Waste District – offers bulk mulch and compost.

South Utah Valley Solid Waste District – buy mulch for only $2/CY for residents or $5 /CY for non residents.

Wasatch Integrated – buy compost for $25 per scoop. Wood chips are available for $10 per scoop.

Oquirrh Mountain Compost Products – offers screened or unscreen compost and wood chips. Discounts on very large orders.

Ogden City – supplies compost, much, firewood, rock, and wood chips.

City of Cheyenne – supplies compost, mulch, and topsoil.

West South Central Composting Facilities


City of Bentonville – supplies bagged or bulk compost and mulch.

American Composting – Supersoil & Compost– the largest recycler in Arkansas. Supplies supersoil, compost and mulch.

Composting Products – The Composting Network – supplies bulk compost and soil products.

Sanitation Compost Facility | City of Norman, Oklahoma – Want to save even more? Load it yourself and it’s free. Otherwise, compost is $10 per scoop.

Midwest City – supplier of bulk compost. Pickup at the facility or use their delivery service.

Product Information | Texas Pure Products, TX – supplier of various mulches, compost, and topdressing.

Bell County Regional Compost Facility -supplier of wood chips, mulch, compost, and topsoil.

West North Central Composting Facilities


City of Marshalltown – Compost Facility – the compost pricing is located in the resource section

Suburban Lawn & Garden – supplies mulch, soils, and landscaping materials by the bag or in bulk.

Compost Facility | City of Lawrence, Kansas – compost is available every Saturday.

Tri County Organcis – supplier of screened or unscreened compost, soil, and wood chips.

Costtage Grove Composting – compost available for $16/CY.

The Mulch Store – supplier of mulch.

Pope Douglas – organic recycling program begins September 1, 2017


Oma-Gro, Omaha’s Premium Quality Compost – supplier of compost. Call first for bulk sales.

South Atlantic Composting Facilities


Welcome to Blue Hen Organics | Blue Hen Organics – supplier of compost, soil, and mulch.

MW Horticulture Recycling – supplier of compost and mulch. Sold by the bag or CY. – compost available in bulk up to 4 CY.


Compost Site Pricing 8.9.17.pdf – screened compost for $14/yard and unscreened for $4/yard.


Veteran Compost – offers organic compost produced with 100% wind power.

Baltimore City Composting Facility – offers bulk compost for the trades only such as contractors and landscapers.

North Carolina

Carolina Compost – supplies in bags, bulk, or by delivery.

Craven AG – sells compost by the ton or truckload.

South Carolina

Atlas Organics – supplies bulk compost.

Bristol City – organic compost for $40/ton or $3/bag.

Black Bear Composting – offers compost at $30/CY and will deliver for $3/mile.

Balls Ford Road Compost Facility – offers mulch, topsoil, and compost to local residents?

New England Composting Facilities


Compost – LAWPCA – sells compost for $8/CY in the summer and $7/CY in the winter.


Lexington Compost Facility | Town of Lexington MA – compost available in bulk.


Vermont Composting Company – supplies compost by the bag or in bulk.

Green Mountain Compost – sells compost in bulk for $59/CY.

Mid Atlantic Region Composting Facilities


DEEP: Active Leaf Composting Facilities – list of facilities in Connecticut.

New Jersey

Where to Buy | Ag Choice Organics Recycling – list of suppliers in New Jersey.


Arborganic Acres – Pennsylvania’s Premier Composting Facility – supplies mulch, screened topsoil, firewood, and compost. Philadelphia residents can receive small quantities up to 30 gallons of compost for free at the recycling center.

City of Philadelphia: Recycling Center – Philadelphia residents can receive small quantities up to 30 gallons of compost for free at the recycling center.

Barnside Mulch and Compost – supplier of much, topsoil, and compost.

City of Bethlehem – Recyling – Yard waste and Compost – The City of Bethlehem offers compost for a loading fee of $10/CY.

Lehigh County Compost Site – supplies compost, mulch, and topsoil.

Earth Conservancy -offers compost at $15/CY screened or $10/CY unscreened.

East South Central Composting Facilities


Compost Facility | City of Paducah – offers compost at $15/bucket which is about 2.5 CY.


Nature’s Best Organics – organic compost and mulch.

The Compost Company – offers compost for $50/CY screened or $35/CY unscreened.

East North Central Composting Facilities


Organic Compost | Midwest Compost, LLC. – screened compost.


Bartholomew County Solid Waste Management District: Home Page – offers compost at $10 for a 3 CY scoop.


City of Ann Arbor Michigan – has free compost from April 15th to July 4th. At all other times it can be purchased for $18/CY

Tuthill Farms – supplies supersoil and bulk compost for $25/CY.


Ohio Compost – supplies compost and mulch.


Purple Cow Organics® | Organic Gardening Products – compost available by the bag or in bulk.

Organic Compost | Blue Ribbon Organics – compost for $30/CY.

Compost Crusaders– offers Farmer Dave’s Compost. Call or use the order form prior to pickup.

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