Easy Paninis Without A Machine
Recipe type: Quick and Easy
Cuisine: Sandwiches
  • Your favorite bread, sliced.
  • Ham, turkey, chicken or other lunch meat
  • Toppings such as tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheese, & sauerkraut.
  • Dress with mayo and mustard if desired.
  • Butter for browning
  1. First, prepare all your ingredients. Slice the lunch meat and condiments in thin even slices.
  2. Next build your sandwich in layers. The first layer Will be lunch meat, followed by any ingredient it might be wet such as pickles and tomatoes. You don't want to put these next to the bread or else they will make it soggy. Top with one last layer of lunchmeat.
  3. At any dressings such as mayo and mustard to taste.
  4. Butter one side of bread bread in place that site down on the cast-iron skillet. Add another pan is a weight such as another cast iron horse saucepan fill with water. I Allow this to cook until golden brown.
  5. Remove the pan uses a weight and butter the other side of the bread. Turn over and place the pan back on the sandwich. Cook as before until golden brown.
Recipe by Smart Penny Pincher at https://smartpennypincher.com/recipes/easy-paninis-without-a-machine