Homemade Chicken Dog Treats

chicken dog treats front view

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In part II of our homemade dog treat series, I’m going to make some baked chicken dog treats in the form of sliders using leftover meat.

I know I know this sounds extravagant for a dog, but these are after all treats.

Secondly, the giblets and other meat sometimes goes to waste, so we need a good use for it.   Besides,  have you ever met a dog who didn’t like chicken?

These money saving treats are made into cookie like sliders that are in a convenient bite sized package.

They are just the right size for treats and can be frozen for weeks or refrigerated for a few days.

Why Sliders?

Making meat treats this way is convenient and saves you money. You can take these to the dog park a lot easier than a plane old piece of meat. They are dry enough so they don’t get grease everywhere yet they are fresh and tasty.

You know exactly what’s in the treat and have complete control over the ingredients.  There are no fillers or artificial ingredients here.

How To Make

You will only need two ingredients – chicken meat and one egg.

The egg acts as a binder and is full of amino acids and protein.

The first step is to place meat scraps into a food processor and grind into a fine meal sort of like a pate. I used some cooked meat in the example below that did not have any spices on it, but raw meat works fine.

top view ground chicken
A food processor quickly chops the meat.

Dogs don’t need or want spices since it can quickly upset their stomach so skip the human intended flavorings.

Next, transfer the ground meat into a bowl and add one egg. Mix thoroughly.

Using a small cookie disher, scoop out bite sized pieces and place on a cookie sheet. Flatten out into a round flat shape, then bake for 30 minutes at 350.

top view chicken sliders ready to cook
These sliders are ready to cook.


These are made from fresh meat and they will spoil if left out at room temperature.

You can freeze most of the batch but leave out a few pieces for the refrigerator.

They keep well inside locked food storage containers until you are ready to give to your dog.

Let me know how your dog likes them.

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