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Quick Reference For Solving Problems With Your Blog

How to use this page.

At the top, there are several tabs.  Each tab has some general categories such as Writing and SEO.  Links are provided and a brief description showing you tools for common blog issues.

At the bottom of this page is a Q&A Section.  Here you will find specific solutions to common WordPress problems.  I update these regularly.

Tools by Category

WordPress problems and their solutions.

When you are logged into the backend of your site, WordPress displays a tool bar by default at the top of the page.

To hide this while logged in, go to Users – Your Profile and uncheck the Show Toolbar when viewing site checkbox.

hide nav bar in wordpress screenshot

There are several landing page plugins for WordPress, but many of the free versions are limited in function.

For simple drag and drop landing pages that are totally free, then use Elementor.  It’s the best one out there and is not crippled like other free plugins.

You can create any landing page you want with single or multiple columns in a few minutes.

There are free and pro version templates available.

There are several plugins available.

We use prettylink.  The free version works great to shorten any link or create beautiful affiliate links with click tracking.

This could be a problem with the theme and the length of the top menu bar.

If there are too many items in the menu that will fit, it can throw off the theme where it won’t display the remainder of the page until it’s scrolled.

To solve the problem, shorten the number of top page menu items and then refresh.

Using the WordPress text editor or HTML widget.

First you need to define where the target is, for example a particular heading on the page.

Next, create a link to the section.  You can omit the domain name if you are going to a portion on the page you are on.  Precede the target with the # symbol.

For example:

Select the frame option from Amazon and paste it between a center HTML code like this.

screenshot showing how to center amazon images

The problem is that if you type in the code you are trying to explain in the text editor, WordPress converts it into whatever you are trying to explain, for example italics.

To solve the problem you need to escape the HTML code.  The easiest way to escape the HTML code is to use a tool.

This works great if you stay in the text editor, but if you accidentally show the visual editor, all changes will be gone.

Another alternative is to type the code  into the visual editor like this:


WordPress will escape the characters in the text editor like this:


Add this code to your child’s theme functions.php

/* Display Featured Image Under Title of Single Posts */
add_action( ‘genesis_entry_header’, ‘featured_post_image’, 12 );
function featured_post_image() {
if ( ! is_singular( ‘post’ ) ) return;